KRAL AG from Austria develops and manufactures all of its screw pumps, flow meters and technical systems. KRAL screw pumps are used to deliver lubricating, non-abrasive and chemically inert liquids.

There are two types of KRAL screw pumps:

a) Mechanical Seal Type
b) Magnetic Coupling Type

Typical applications include:-

a) Marine, as feed and circulating pumps for fuels (including Marine Gas Oil) and lubricants.
b) Mechanical engineering, as lubricant and coolant pumps for gear, engines, turbines and hydraulic systems.
c) Oil burner technology, as ring line and transfer pump
d) Plastics processing, especially polyurethane applications.

KRAL Volumeter (Flowmeter) is a positive displacement meter. It measures the flow of liquids from low-viscosity liquids like petrol, acids, alkalis to high-viscosity liquids such as printing inks and bitumen.

Kral Volumeter is accurate to ±0.1% of rate over a wide flow and viscosity range. It is also compact, robust and precise.

Areas of application are:

a) Marine
b) Energy
c) Fuel Engineering
d) Hydraulics
e) Teat Stands
f) Mixing and batching technology
g) Chemical Industry
h) Food industry

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