Energy Recovering Solutions

Energy efficient and low emission had been emphasized by local authority globally ,Pacific Central Teknik had been promoting and carried out such energy recovery equipment and low emission for combustion system optimization.

Air preheater which can recover waste heat energy from flue gases after a thermal oil heater , and preheat the combustion air to achieved much higher temperature before combustion will increase significant system efficiency , and resulted in fuel saving.

Oxygen trimming to limit the oxygen content in flue gas after combustion with continuous monitoring with control will help to improve combustion efficiency hence for fuel saving.

Frequency inverter for motor speed control according to load requirement will help to save electricity consumption and cost saving.

All these solution will help plant owners to recover waste energy and turn into useful energy for cost saving and achieve low emission goal.

Additionally, we are able to customise our services for materials procurement and fabrication and installation of modules or equipment for clients who do not need turnkey solutions.

With our multi-disciplinary engineering team, Pacific Central Teknik is well-equipped to provide our clients with one-stop solutions in the areas of engineering services and repair and maintenance work. We will also continue to work closely with our valued clients to provide operational effectiveness and to bring more value-added services to our clients.