Industrial and Marine Automation Solutions Provider

Pacific central Teknik as a system integrator had been working with Honeywell, Siemens, Allen Bradley … etc for marine/industrial automation along with the complete package of equipment supplied by us.

The nature of the system involving FPSO/FSO fuel conversion on combustion equipment, plant automation on steam/hot water boiler, thermal oil system, incineration plant including DCS and SCADA control for the complete plant automation. PCT’s in-house facility for panel fabrication and factory acceptance test ( FAT) had enhanced site installation and commissioning process.

PCT owned SIL-3 certified programmer for PLC had adding confident on our customers who required high level of safety requirement especially in the current cyber security environment .

Additionally, we are able to customise our services for materials procurement and fabrication and installation of modules or equipment for clients who do not need turnkey solutions.

With our multi-disciplinary engineering team, Pacific Central Teknik is well-equipped to provide our clients with one-stop solutions in the areas of engineering services and repair and maintenance work. We will also continue to work closely with our valued clients to provide operational effectiveness and to bring more value-added services to our clients.