Wencon was founded in 1984, have more than 25 years of experience in epoxy repairs. Providing epoxy to any metal surface gives additional life cycle.

Wencon offers a range of high-quality epoxy-based repair compounds and coatings, as well as pipe and exhaust repair products suitable for a wide range of applications. To keep usage at a minimum and ensure value for money, Wencon provides only a few products that cover a wide range of repairs. All our products are top quality and have a high specific volume and simple mixing ratio (1:1 and 1:2). All Wencon standard products have an excellent adhesion to all materials, except soft plastic.

All Wencon products are non-corrosive and especially designed and developed by advanced polymer surfacing formulations, formed by Wencon (Denmark). The materials provide fast practical solution to a wide variety of marine and offshore maintenance, and repair problems caused by wear/corrosion/ bi-metallic corrosion.

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